What Is Online Blackjack Card Counting?

By 20 January 2021

Card counting is a casino strategy employed by blackjack gamers to predict the potential outcome of the next hand of a player. This strategy is as old as the casinos themselves. A card counter begins by understanding the rules of the za4online-casino game first. S/he later moves to learn the benefits of individual cards. After following these two concepts, the blackjack player counts every card played by each player on the table to predict the next move from players and the house. This knowledge gives you a clue about who has the advantage over others.

Why Card Counting in Blackjack?

Gamers count cards to gain an advantage over other players. A group of MIT students once made millions of counting cards in Las Vegas casinos. Mastering the art of card counting can be quite challenging. This technique is even more difficult with the online blackjack. Casinos have put in place necessary mechanisms to dissuade players from card counting. However, if you are observant and patient enough, you can strike gold at bigcreekidaho with card counting online. This way, you can still earn big profits without risking too much.

By counting cards, you will know when to increase your stake and when not to increase your bet. With this information, a player can make strategic decisions that increase his or her overall winnings. How is this even possible? Different card counting strategies have indicators such as negative cards, neutral cards and positive cards that show the player when to make a given decision. A player uses these cards to make strategic choices like increasing a stake, holding back or ending the game in their favor.

Card Counting Summarized

Each deck of cards possesses a predetermined number of cards with a known number of cards. In blackjack, Queens, Kings, and Jacks, total to ten. They are known as the face cards. Aces, on the other hand, are either 1 or 11. Therefore, you have to know that in a deck of 52 cards, there are 16 cards with a value of 10. Multiply that number by six it gives you 96 face cards. If all these cards got clamped together in a shoe, your chances of landing high-value cards are great.

Every card counter is looking for an opportunity where high-value cards clamp together. This situation will give them an edge over the house and a chance of winning a huge prize. With two strong hand cards, a player can win big against the house. Card counting helps you to predict the likelihood of having two strong cards. However, the casino has established systems where it is hard for players to get free money by sustaining randomness in the cards. The house shuffles the cards sporadically to achieve randomness.

How Online Casinos Discourage Card Counting

Traditionally, casinos shuffle cards to discourage card counting. This move was enough to keep blackjack players in check. However, even with the shuffling, players still increased their advantage by card counting with great success. Online casinos also shuffle cards periodically to discourage card counting. However, this is not all they do. They also conduct deck penetration to stop all card counters at their tracks. This move works well, but it is not completely prohibitive because there are creative ways to count cards and win big in online blackjack.

The trick with deck penetration is to cut the shoe. In many normal shoe games, the deck is cut with about 50 cards from one end. In online casinos or blackjack, decks are cut by half. This means that there is a high likelihood for more high-value cards to remain behind the cut and consequently entirely out of play. This reality reduces the chances of players to win over the house. It gives the house power on the game. Some daring players still give card counting a shot.

Is It Worth to Count Online Blackjack and Win?

Gamers accept any possibility of gaining an advantage over the house with open arms, sometimes too much that they get into mischief. Online blackjack counting is one such possibility. A player who knows card counting strategies is likely to try card counting. Unfortunately, online card counting is not worth it. Many casinos discourage it and in some cases suspend players suspected to be counting cards because this strategy is considered cheating. Find luck in another strategy, the house is waiting to give you all the prizes you win.